My Journey into Cybersecurity

Welcome to my cybersecurity journey! I’m Nicholas Rebello, a recently trained and GIAC certified cybersecurity professional with over five years of experience in the IT world. My passion for technology and a relentless curiosity led me into the world of cybersecurity, where I’m dedicated to strengthening organizations’ security postures and protecting them from the ever-evolving cyber threats.

A Glimpse of My Expertise

My professional journey has equipped me with a diverse set of skills, ranging from hardware and software installation to network configuration and root-cause analysis. I’m proficient in a wide array of technical areas, including network scanning, defense-in-depth, incident handling, and much more. Tools like Nmap, Metasploit, and SIEM have become my trusted companions in the cybersecurity realm, as I strive to stay one step ahead of potential threats.

A Blend of Education and Experience

I’ve invested time and effort into furthering my knowledge, earning certifications such as Practical Junior Penetration Tester (PJPT), GIAC Web Application Penetration Tester (GWAPT), GIAC Certified Incident Handler, GIAC Security Essentials, Network+, and Security+. My educational journey has been enhanced by my participation in the SANS VetSuccess Scholarship Academy. These experiences have allowed me to delve into courses like network security, ethical hacking, and web application penetration testing.

Hands-On Learning and Cyber Interests

One of the most exciting aspects of my journey has been my Home Lab, where I’ve set up an ecosystem to experiment with various technologies and enhance my cybersecurity and system administration skills. Beyond that, I stay up-to-date with the latest trends through podcasts and cybersecurity conferences. I’m also a passionate advocate for everyday common-sense cybersecurity, always eager to educate friends and family on best practices.

Balancing Career and Education

Currently, I serve as a Cybersecurity Specialist and Systems Administrator, where I ensure secure IT environments by hardening servers, automating tasks with scripting, and coordinating with developers to ensure that a secure product is shipped. My prior role as a Network Manager/Administrator in the United States Navy taught me essential skills in hardware and software management, user training, and network maintenance.

From Nuclear Reactors to Cybersecurity

My journey into the cybersecurity field was preceded by my role as a Naval Nuclear Reactor Operator, where I honed my skills in high-stress situations, decision-making, and safety compliance standards. The discipline and training from this role have prepared me for the dynamic and challenging world of information security.

The Future Awaits

As I continue to grow in the cybersecurity field, I’m also planning to pursue a B.S. program in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance at WGU, demonstrating my commitment to lifelong learning and career advancement.

Join me on this thrilling journey through the ever-changing landscape of cybersecurity. I’m excited to share my experiences, knowledge, and insights with you as we navigate the world of digital threats and defenses together.

Thank you for joining me on this adventure. Stay tuned for more updates and insights from the trenches!